RA.One ~ Shahrukh Khan To Ride Batpod Look-Alike


Shahrukh Khan seems to have promised himself to make his next big release superhero flick RA.One one of the best.May it be the super stunts or special effects, every bit of the film is being planned and executed properly.There are 3,500 + shots in RA.One,almost 2 hours and 15 minutes of VFX.300 Indian artists are working on this project out of a total 750.The rest of the team was hired from different studios worldwide.The VFX team has been picked from across five countries, including India, Canada, France, Thailand and the US.Now the latest buzz from the sets of RA.One is that in the film SRK will be seen riding a motorcycle which looks quite similar to the Batpod featured in the Batman series of films.

The bike has already been built in India and is all set to be ridden by Shahrukh.He will perform various stunts on the motorcycle at Filmistan Studios in Goregaon,Mumbai.Shahrukh is facing a serious knee problem right now, but that never stopped him from doing stunts.SRK is working on his stunts that he will perform with the Bike.

RA.One is a movie with stunning action and plenty of cars being blown up.Viewers and sci-fi fans are expecting a real visual treat when the movie releases on October 26th 2011.While you are waiting take a look at this RA.One teaser video that gives you a glimpse on what to expect from the film.

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Bhavna said...

i have no clue how this movie is going to be, how sharukh gonna act as a super hero...i mean look at the poster its exactly the same pose like om shanti om " dard e disco" if only blown up cars and actions of the villan can save thos move....

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Abhisek said...

@Bhavna I agree....but that's SRK's special style.Girls love it and boys envy it. :P

Dangerous Linda said...

looks like fun -- haha!

Anonymous said...

Please get your facts right before you post it on the internet.
Ra One's special effects is NOT and I repeat NOT designed by any Hollywood studio. It has been designed by SRK's own prestigious company Red Chillies VFX. SRK himself stated in an interview that this is the first Indian Film with World Class Visual Effects to be made completely by the Indian Team.
The Hollywood Supervisors hired were to guide the Red Chillies VFX on how to handle the latest Technology to create the required effects.

Abhisek said...

@Anonymous I would have loved to know your name,but the fact is that I always get my facts right before posting anything on the internet.Well you asked for the facts, right.The fact is..there are 3,500 + shots in RA.One.That means almost 2 hours and 15 minutes of VFX.Another fact is that 300 Indian artists are working on this project out of a total 700...the rest of the team was hired from different studios worldwide.I hope you got your facts clear now.Thanks for your views.I always welcome such discussions. :)