Review : RA.ONE

I actually thought of writing a proper review tomorrow,but I read some really bad "RA.One" reviews today.So I am going to write a quick short review with my points.
Vfx - Awesome
Acting- Good
Songs - Good ( Songs by Akon  are good-He did a great job by singing Chammak Challo in all Hindi)
Entertainment - 100%
Too much romance for a superhero movie.
Background music plays a major part in super hero movies,but this film limits itself to the 70s Bollywood music.Most of the time the Veera theme was on,that's good for some part of the film but not the whole.
Will Srk ever change his classic pose?At least for this movie he should have changed it,but not a big issue as viewers liked it anyway,specially in the very last scene. :)

Damn good Visual effects....the part where our dear Chitti[Robo (Rajinikanth)] enters was awesome.My fav part of the film was when the Mumbai local train running at top speed hits the CST station and the whole Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus,Mumbai falls down like a house of cards.Sadly I again read some extremely negative reviews about a good film.

Why I am supporting the film? 
Let's not forget this movie is the result of only 1 year work total when compared to Hollywood super hero films which take at least 2 years in pre-production state and another 2 years or so to complete and hit the screens.After Hrithik in Krrish,Rajinikanth in Robo and now Shahrukh in RA.One we can predict the future.Yes it's clear that we are soon going to match the standards of Hollywood,no doubt and don't listen to a bunch of idiots.Right now all we need is original story writers and time,money is not a big issue now for Bollywood.

I was in theater today and everyone young and old was enjoying the film,Well done SRK.That's why we watch movies,to get entertained,and this movie will entertain you.Those who write such negative reviews have no idea how much work and patience it takes to make a movie like this.Learn to appreciate our filmmaker's work,cause once Hollywood was also like this only.Everything changes with time and so is cinema.What I mean to say is watch every movie from a different point of view,don't mix everything and say this was not as good as that movie.Every film is special and so is RA.ONE.I say go watch the film soon and for God's sake don't think about Hollywood while watching it.Watch it from a different perspective and enjoy it .

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Mani said...

Thanks fr d review Abhi..I m thinkin to go for it now..:P

Alpana Jaiswal said...

Thank u for clearing the doubts,I guess I will watch the film.

Abhisek said...

@Alpana Glad you found the info useful...You should watch the film.

Rajinifan said...

ra.one is a nice movie with great vfx and i like both srk and kareena in this movie.

Divyesh said...

Ra.1 visual effect is really good and bebo is hot.

Noor said...

Ra.One story is not strong but effects are as good as any other hollywood movie.Overall a good try.

Anonymous said...

Itz a nice movie....SRk has done gr8 work,n brought a new senerio in bollywood....prateek(lucifa) should also b highly appreciated...Nikita...

SRK is awesome said...

Keeping in mind the technological aspect of the film, Ra.one is India's best superhero film till date. SRK's dedication and hard work is palpable. His acting is par excellence, as always.

Rahul said...

Loved it. If a spider bite can turn a nerd to spidy, what is a problem if a game brings out a superhero. Tell me one thing - what is expected from a superhero movie? 1. Great action between the Hero and Villain. 2. Great visual effect. 3. Action packed cinematography, thrill and suspense. I would say that Ra.One is a sincere effort with a mixture of all these. It might not be as great as a visual treat like Hollywood movies, but I would certainly appreciate the efforts by the entire cast and crew making it the first of its kind in Bollywood. Where is the scope of acting in these kind of movies? The humour added was definitely mature content in a few ocassions, but the end result was enjoyable. Chammak Challo was great, action, VFX were good. Please enjoy the movie keeping in mind that SRK could afford less than 1/10th of what movies Avatar,Terminator or Spiderman could . Dont keep any expectation of storyline and acting since its out of scope and enjoy the 3d version. You would love it.

kmehta said...

Ra One is definitively different from those typical bollywood movies,SRK rocks....we should really appreciate his efforts....Muah SRK

Anonymous said...

story sux.plot has numerous loopholes.useless "comical" scenes.fairly good vfx.