Ra.One: The Game on Playstation!


How excited are you about SRK's RA:One? If given a chance would you like to be a part of the RA:One world?Well if your answer is yes then here's an exciting news for you guys,You will get that chance before the film releases.In a unique tie-up between SONY Playstation and the RA:One franchise SP is going to create a game for PS2 & PS3 consoles which will be available via PSN download.The game named "RA:ONE:The Game" will not only take you in an exciting ride through the RA:One world but also introduce the characters of the film since the game will be a prequel to the story.

What's more exciting is that the story for the Game is written by SRK himself.Shahrukh has spent a lot of time giving invaluable inputs for the story and pre-production stage.The entire storyline is a direct input from SRK.

It has to be integrated seamlessly with the story of the film, so we worked very closely on the pre-production of the game,the game can be considered a prequel to what happens in the film. It has been conceptualised in an environment corresponding with the main film, so it gives clarity about the powers of each character and why they do what they do.” says Atindriya Bose, country manager – India, Sony PlayStation.
Shahrukh Khan
This is the first time any major Indian movie getting major launch as a video game.Players will have the option to be one of the key characters(RA:One or G:One) of the film.They will be introduced to various super powers the characters have in the film as they cross the levels of the game.The game will have 6 unique characters and 20 game environments from the the RA:One universe with multi player action levels,including different types of game mode.

The main cast of the film will do all the action and voice overs for their respective characters.The game is placed in the action genre,“It’s unlike Internet games, offering elaborate actions, activities and good quality console gaming. There are different platforms, which offer challenges to the characters to pass through, including several close-fighting situations.”,Says Bose.
“We have always wanted to bring Bollywood IPs on PlayStation platform as the way of connecting to Indian audience. RA.ONE has the right mix of action, environment and imagination that is required to make a good PlayStation game, and with Shah Rukh Khan immense passion and understanding of PlayStation games, we have chanced upon a very unique opportunity of a great game with Indian IP.”,says Atindriya Bose, Country Manager – PlayStation 

The game is ready to roll out in september and will be available for download through PSN download.RA:One the film is Directed by Anubhav Sinha and starring ShahRukh Khan,Arjun Rampal and Kareena Kapoor in lead roles.The film will hit theaters on October 26th 2011.So fans, are you ready to play with or against Shah Rukh Khan?

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