Best British film of all time

Film poster for The Italian Job (1969 film) - ...Image via Wikipedia
The Italian Job 1969

The 1969 classic 'The Italian Job' has been voted as the best British film of all time.

In a survey by Sky Movies HD the original version of "The Italian Job" in which a gang of criminals take to the streets of Turin in Minis to steal a van full of gold took 15% of the fan votes.

Sir Anthony Hopkins was voted the greatest British actor with 12% of the vote followed by Laurence Olivier and 'The Italian Job's original lead Sir Michael Caine.
Anthony HopkinsImage via Wikipedia
Sir Anthony Hopkins
Dame Judi Dench was voted as the greatest British actress with a quarter of the votes with Dame Helen Mirren second on 14.
Judi Dench at the BAFTAs at the Royal Opera Ho...Image via Wikipedia
Dame Judi Dench

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JIM said...

It is always interesting to see these list Hopkins over Olivier? It must be that he has been dead for so long that people forget!