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In my previous post on editing you read a little bit about Editing, now let's see a little more on that

Although editing is not the only factor for a film to meet huge success but without proper editing any well shot film becomes meaningless.Editing is the medium which creates sense in a story.It is said that the secret to great filmmaking is great editing.Editing is what makes a good film great.A well directed film can come out as a boring thing if it is not creatively edited whereas a moderately directed film can become a big hit just because of the creative touch of an editor.Editing is the heart beat of a film.It gives the film a suitable pace and rhythm.It is a perfect combination of art and technique.An editor is an artist without whom a film could hardly seem alive.An artist with the power to mold,improve or recreate a motion picture is editor.An editor is someone with the knowledge of drama,keen sense of timing,someone who can seek out a scene's hidden values.The editor sees beyond what the writer and director saw and it is something very necessary for this particular profession.

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The truth is that in spite of the talent,time and effort spent in writing,preparing and shooting a film it has no shape untill the hundred or thousand of shots are assembled together in a proper way.An editor's game starts here.Editor decides and cuts which shots to keep and which to omit and then assembles the cuts together in a meaningful way to tell the story.But the interesting fact is that no two editors will cut the film in the same way from the same material.So the film depends on the skills of the editor themselves.

The skills of the editor comes in different sizes.This also means that the effect of the editors on the film is also different.A good editor is someone with a vast knowledge of film making and film language.Someone who can improve the quality of a film by eliminating excess scenes and dialouge,by selective editing of inappropriate acting,creatively dealing with the films pace and the timing of reactions,by lessening the gravity of badly directed scenes.A clever editor goes by the rules or occasionaly even breaks the rules to give the best output possible.Although the editor is the magician one more fact is that the material provided to the editor contains all the ingredients of that except the creative sense applied to the process of cutting by the editor.A good editor can use the material provided and make a great film whereas a less talented editor may do the opposite.So it's all a game of creative sense and technique.

Will elaborate more on film editing in future posts.Till then Takecare friends.

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Alpana Jaiswal said...

At your best Abhi,I wish to see you achieve your dreams...and be the best always.

melissa said...

now i understand your work a bit more... and how it came to be known as invisible art... a perfect description for editing... but i guess, it's something we could use generally... you in films... and us, in the journal...

i haven't watched many indian films but i found the ones that i did artistically done... i guess the quality of the film depend on many aspects but the end product is always a result of your invisible art...

wow thanks for sharing...you left me with an inspiration...:)