Tweeple Film Awards

Nargis & Raj Kapoor

You might have heard so many uses of twitter, here's one more to add to that list.Hindi cinema fans have taken the use of twitter to a whole new level by introducing the Tweeple Film Awards.Yes a film award on twitter.This award will be presented to the best and most deserving in hindi cinema by a community of cinema lovers in the web world.The rules and regulations for the tweeple awards were finalised through open discussions on twitter.The jury consists of film critics and film buffs.They will give their nominations on twitter for the best in different categories.Then the films will be voted by people for a particular number of days based on which the awards will be given.This concept is a genuine attempt to come up with a list of good hindi cinema.
The Tweeple film awards can be followed on twitter at www.twitter.com/twi_fi_awards, and on Facebook: www.facebook.com/twifiawards.
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