Beware of Fake "Talaash" Posters : Farhan Akhtar

Talaash Fake Poster
Filmmaker Farhan Akhtar has warned his fans against fake posters of his upcoming film "Talaash" that is being circulated online.

"Please beware of a fake `Talaash` poster doing the rounds.... it is not the official first look. That is still to happen," Farhan wrote on microblogging site Twitter.

Aamir Khan is a real mastermind when it comes to promotion and so is Farhan Akhtar.Are these posters really fake or a pre-planned marketing strategy? The latter seems a more solid reason to me.Every big and small film website posted the fake posters as first look and then apologized.I think this time Aamir and Farhan really tricked the media to get what they want.Maybe I'm wrong or maybe I'm right.Whatever the case we love Aamir and his super perfect performances.The film’s release date was pushed from January 26 to June 1 due to technical reasons.See the fake or fan made posters, two below and one you saw above.



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Simran said...


Thanks for sharing and making Aamir's biggest fan aware ! :)

Happy New Year ,Abhi :)

Abhisek Kumar said...

Happy New Year Simran :)