"SINGHAM" Visual Effects Tour

Pixion delivered the post production of the Tamil remake SINGHAM.They delivered above 800 VFX shots in just 40 Days.

SINGHAM is a high-voltage action film by Rohit Shetty.The film revolves around the life of an honest Inspector Bajirao Singham(Ajay Devgn) who fights for justice in his own unique way.In a new case against the powerful politician cum criminal, Jaykant Shikre (Prakash Raj), Singham's morals are challenged.Shikre underestimates the power of police department because the system is in his hand, but Bajirao Singham knows how to work the system his way.

Pixion worked with Rohit Shetty for many of his films like SUNDAY, GOLMAAL RETURNS, ALL THE BEST, GOLMAAL 3 and now SINGHAM.Rohit Shetty himself designed all the action sequences of the film.The film was shot in Goa, Gokarna (Karnataka) and Mumbai.

These are some before and after comparison shots from the Film

The above vfx shot involves sky replacement,CG element addition,reflection on water and set extension.

The above shot is composed of two individual shots.First is the chroma shot of actors which was later merged on top of the Car shot. 

The above shot was originally a day shot and later altered from day to night.

The above shot is a crowd generation shot.As you can see there was less crowd before the vfx was done.

Again two individual shots merged together.

The above shot is a complete set change shot.As you can see,the cars are there but the location changes.These kind of shots may contain Computer generated sets or an entirely different location shot merged later during post production.

The above shot is a composite of two individual shots.One where Ajay Devgn is there and truck is absent and second where Ajay is not there but truck is present.

Again two individual shots merged together

Floor replacement Shot

Again two individual shots merged.First is the black car shot merged on top of the white car shot.

I think now you can say what's happening in the above shot :)

Naveen Paul, VFX Supervisor, says, "Pixion delivered above 800 VFX shots for the movie with the support of around 120 artists working dedicatedly for 40 days. Apart the time being a challenge, the action sequences required a lot of effort to be delivered seamlessly. There is a shot where 5 goons jump out of a crashed jeep which is a multi plate composite and required a lot of time and efforts."
Hope you got a basic idea of how  we film-makers achieve the look of a film.You can find a lot of negative reviews written by some reputed reviewers but believe me SINGHAM is a complete family entertainer.Go watch it with your whole family if you haven't yet.Invisible Art Rating 4.5 out of 5.Watch it and if you find my info wrong, come back and leave a comment.

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Bec Owen said...

Wow! This is awesome! I loved the before and after shots...so cool to see how they do that stuff! Thanks for sharing this :)

Debbie said...

Abhisek, I stopped by earlier but I think my comment didn't stick.

These are really great! I remember reading somewhere how they used the green screen for shooting certain shots in movies, but it's always interesting actually seeing how it's done.

Thanks for sharing :)


ankit said...

wow....awesome...although i know all this but never seen it like this

Aris Moreno said...

This is nice!