Salman Khan's "Bodyguard" Full Review


Looks like everything is working for Salman Khan now.Fans have started calling him the real khan of bollywood.This always Wanted khan has given back to back hits like Partner,London Dreams,Wanted,Dabangg and recently released blockbuster Ready(Above 100 crores in 1 week).After Ready Salman's next release will be "Bodyguard", Which is already a craze among fans.Salman is only doing what he promised in Wanted "Yahan bhi hoga wahan bhi hoga ...mera hi jalwa." Remember?? :)

So what's Bodyguard about??Bodyguard is a film about a guy who has a very strange habit to adulate anyone with a trace of heroism.You can read the complete story below.This film is co produced by Reliance Pictures and Salman's brother-in-law Atul Agnihotri's Reel Life Production Pvt Ltd.Bodyguard is the hindi remake of Malayalam hit of the same name.Kareena Kapoor is the female lead in the film.Salman will be seen wearing a dark grey uniform of Shera’s security company.Bodyguard is Directed by Siddique,who also directed the original Malayalam version.The film's music will be composed by Himesh Reshammiya along with one song by Pritam.Yes Himesh is back after a long time.The Salman-Himesh jodi gave above a dozen superhit albums together.Right now Himesh is busy fine-tuning and finalising his tracks for the film.

"Salman was offered up to 8 crore by different security companies to use their name as his uniforms tag in the film,but he was very clear about what he wants.Shera is salman's personal bodyguard.He is very close to Salman and Salman himself choosed to use his bodyguard's name as a tag for his uniform in the film” Atul Agnihotri said.

Bodyguard revolves around young Lovely Singh (Salman Khan) who works as a security officer.He owes a debt to Sartaj Rana (Raj Babbar),that he can't repay.Lovely can lay down his life for Sartaj.When Sartaj's only daughter Divya(Kareena Kapoor), joins a management school in Pune,Sartaj asks for a Bodyguard to protect her from many of his strong enemies.Lovely joins as the bodyguard of Sartaj's daughter Divya and follows her wherever she goes.With him following them all day Divya and her friend Maya gets irritated.

According to a plan Divya starts making fake calls to Lovely's number, trying to get rid of him.Divya calls him and says that she is a girl from Divya's college and that she is very much in love with him. At first Lovely shows no interest, but later he starts loving the girl who calls him as 'PRIVATE NUMBER' and eventually Divya too falls in love with him.Later Lovely decides to leave the city with this secret lover after their college examination.Maya encourages Divya to meet Salman at the railway station to reveal her identity,but things get confusing.Sartaj Rana finds out that Lovely and his daughter are planning to run away together.In order to save Lovely's life kareena lies that it's not her.Lovely is meeting another girl at the station.Sartaj Rana lets Lovely go, but some people follow Lovely to kill him if a girl does not show up.Terrified, Divya sends Maya to the station and tells her to inform Lovely about her and she won't be able to make it to the station.Maya grabs the opportunity and lies that she is the lover.Divya calls her twice, but She throws her cellphone out, trying to erase Divya out of their life completely.Years later, after their marriage, she gives birth to a son.Before her death, she leaves a diary for her son telling the whole story between the phone calls and about his father and Divya. The son later goes to Divya's house with Lovely(Salman) to visit Sartaj Rana.Divya is still not married.The son asks Divya to become his mother.Lovely asks his son to say sorry for saying that,but Sartaj Rana begs Lovely to take Divya as his wife.So they leave for the railway station together.His son throws the diary in a dustbin nearby.Lovely finds the diary and realizes that his real lover, the girl who's waited for him for so many years faithfully, is Divya.

Salman Khan (Lovely Singh)

Kareena Kapoor (Divya)

Mahesh Manjrekar

Raj Babbar

Reema Debnath

Rajat Rawail

Hazel Keech


Producer:Reliance Pictures & Atul Agnihotri


Music Composer:Himesh Reshammiya(4 tracks),Pritam(1 track)

Music Rights:T-Series

Country: India

Language: Hindi

Filming Locations: Pune,Patiala

Release Date: 31st August 2011 (India) [on the special occassion of Eid]

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Gul Ahmed Soomro said...

Nice Blog,

Abhisek said...

Thanks Gul :)

Neha said...

This Movie will be super hit, since it seems to be a re-make of Vijay's Tamil Movie Kavalan, all the best Body Guard Team..............

Neha said...

today i saw trailer of this movie in theater really fighting are too good..... its gng to rock more thn dilip vijay film................i saw mala tamil vesion of bodyguard waiting 4 this film too see once more............

harioum said...

Sorry to kareena & Salmaan, But Maya`s Love was the thing which i will also never want to leave, i am finding a gal who can love me, Maya she must be proud for her love and her child, I want to meet that girl who played maya role in this picture...........

shellena said...

diz movie will be all time blockbuster again inshallah. salman always rock. he iz da best. i'll give 10/10 for movie n songs.