Tron Legacy Behind The Scene

The redesigned Light cycle as featured in the ...Image via Wikipedia

Tron Legacy was no doubt one of the most awesome movie of 2010 in terms of Visuals.The special effects and designs of the film were pretty awesome! The kind of visual only one can dream of.Yes thats what make Tron legacy a must watch for real movie lovers who love watching movies not just stories, to experience real 21st century technology.If you can break a movie into categories and then rate each category separately then only you are a realy good film critic.This film in particular in my point of view is another milestone achieved by the hollywood filmmakers.Movies like 2012,James cameron's-Avatar,Beowulf,Curious Case of Benjamin Button,Tron legacy are new milestones for the filmmakers.They are the real trend setters.Take a look at these makings of Tron Legacy and decide for yourself.Everybody should know just how much work went into the computer generated visuals of this film.Digital Domain is one of the best visual fx production house in the world and they proved themselves again this time with Tron Legacy.I give this movie an A+ for the breathtaking visuals and the use of animation.I would love to see more of this kind of movies in the near future and  hopefully more advanced.It's time to explore technology not stories as we have had plenty of them.

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