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        Hi and welcome to The Invisible art.

Who am I?

What's there in a name?Still I will say it to you.Hi my name is Abhisek Panda and I am a film and television editor,compositor,3d generalist.I also do 2d classical animation and sometimes painting.Digital art is what I love the most.I was born to a family of artists and technical people.So I have both aesthetic and technical sense.Well thats what I believe.Sometimes I do great things and sometimes I end up doing crap.Beware I am that guy your mom warned you about.

What will I post?

As the name points it's something related to art.This blog is all about film making and film editing and anything related.The future posts will be based on these topics.

What can you expect from this blog?

As I said above this blog is about film making and film editing I will be posting contents on those topics in addition to some other stuffs like news on films,reviews,personal thoughts,some selected making of films,Latest trailers,some posts on vissual effects and anything film as long as it's interesting.Stay tuned folks.

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