International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) 2011

The International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) offers a quality selection of independent, innovative and experimental cinema, video and media art. During twelve festival days, hundreds of filmmakers and other artists present their work to a large audience (2010: 353,000 admissions) and 3,000 film professionals in 25 screening rooms on 8 festival venues. The 40th edition of the International Film Festival Rotterdam starts today i.e Wednesday January 26 and will run till Sunday February 6, 2011.

Festival program

The festival program consists of three main sections that may all comprise feature films, short films and art films.

Bright Future

This section presents idiosyncratic and adventurous new work by novice makers. The section mainly consists of first or second films.The Tiger Awards Competitions for first and second features and for short films are part of Bright Future.


This section presents new and recent work by experienced film makers and artists who provide, in the opinion of the IFFR, an essential contribution to international film culture. Within Spectrum, the Shorts section comprises some 400 titles screened during the first festival weekend.

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This section presents a series of thematic programs and retrospectives offering insight in topical as well as timeless ideas within cinema. This 40th IFFR, Signals comprises oeuvre screenings by filmmakers F.J. Ossang (France), Agusti Villaronga (Spain) and Nathaniel Dorsky (USA) as well as the theme programs Red Westerns (a choice of westerns produced between 1924 and 1980 in the USSR and former countries of the communist Bloc), Out of Fashion (a program about the flourishing interaction between fashion designers and independent filmmakers) and Raiding Africa (a program about Chinese-African relations including new works filmed in China by African filmmakers). More Signals-programs will be announced later.

IFFR 2011 presents a special Jubilee program titled XL, referring to the festival’s fortieth edition as well as ‘extra locations’. During the festival period, the IFFR embraces its home base, the city of Rotterdam, with film screenings, exhibitions and events on around forty locations in downtown Rotterdam, including the recently opened new building of longtime IFFR venue LantarenVenster. As part of the jubilee program the IFFR welcomes its future audience for Not Kidding, a playful location and program suitable for kids from 4 years and up. Additional information about XL and Not Kidding will be available close to the festival period.

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Supporting independent cinema: CineMart and HBF

The IFFR actively supports independent filmmaking from around the globe. The festival is a recognized international platform in Europe for launching new films and talent from Asia, Africa, Middle and Eastern Europe and Latin America. CineMart, IFFR’s co-production market for small and medium scale film projects, takes place within the festival from January 30 to February 2, 2011. The festival’s Hubert Bals Fund contributes financially to film projects from developing countries. Each year, the festival program contains a rich harvest of Hubert Bals Fund supported films. IFFR promotes training and talent development within its Rotterdam Lab for young film producers and the IFFR Trainee Project for Young Film Critics.

IFFR’s YouTube Channel contains a growing catalogue of freely accessible films screened during the festival. December 2009, the festival launched Cinema Reloaded, an online crowd funding platform for independent film projects.

For more info Please visit : International Film Festival Rotterdam 

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